Společnost pro dějiny věd a techniky
Society for the History of Sciences and Technology

The Journal for the History of Sciences and Technology

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Information about the journal

Scientific peer-reviewed journal whose aim is to present original articles on topics from history of natural and exact sciences, technology, and related sciences. It also welcomes contributions on various applications of these sciences (history of architecture, medicine and arts, relations between science and society, science policy, and the like), their interface with social sciences and humanities, and articles on particular scientific disciplines within the conceptual framework of theory, philosophy, and sociology of science, eventually also general history, history of culture, history of ideas, education, etc.

The journal appears since 1968. It is published quarterly as a membership journal of the Society of the History of Sciences and Technology, which was founded in 1965, with the financial support of the Council of Scientific Societies of the Czech Republic. The journal is on the List of Peer-Reviewed Non-Impacted Periodic Publications appearing in the Czech Republic (approved by the Council for Research and Development on June 20, 2008) and is included in prestigious academic databases (ERIH, 2008; CEJSH, etc.). The History of Sciences and Technology is registered in the database of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic under the number E 4961 (filed on January 1, 1970).

This journal publishes the most recent results of original research in the form of articles, includes discussions on relevant topics and material announcements, and complements the published material by reviews of publications or their brief abstracts in the section News from Literature. The Chronicle section informs our readership about recent publications in relevant fields. Contributions can be submitted in Czech or world languages (English, French, German).

Submitting a Contribution: Contributions are submitted in electronic or written form to the address of the editorial office or to the managing editor (Gabčíkova 2362/10, CZ- 182 00 Praha 8; dvt.redakce@gmail.com, hana.barvik@gmail.com). The maximum extent of an article is 26 norm pages (where one norm page equals to 1800 signs including spaces and footnotes; editors usually recommend that larger units be published as a series). Articles, and if the author so wishes also communications and materials, are to be supplied with a name and abstract (up to 1000 signs including spaces) in English, a brief summary, and keywords. Further information on the process of submission and publication of contributions, including directions for authors regarding the format of quotation of sources and literature is found on the website of the journal sdvt.cz (or dvt.hyperlink.cz).

Review Process: Articles and communications are subject to an anonymous review process. Each text is evaluated by at least two experts. Based on their assessment, the editing board decides on the conditions of publication of the submitted text. Reviews are internal material of the editing board and are kept on file. Editors inform the author with the results of the review process as soon as possible. A list of collaborating external reviewers (i.e., reviewers outside the editorial board) is published for each volume.

Publication Ethics Statement

Publication Ethics Statement (pdf)

Editorial board

Martin Dinges (Stuttgart, BRD), Pavel Drábek (Roztoky u Prahy), Helena Durnová (MU, Brno), Petr Hadrava (AV ČR, Praha), Ivan Jakubec (UK, Praha), Jan Janko (Praha), Milena Josefovičová (AV ČR, Praha), Jiřina Kalendovská (MU, Brno), Vladimír Karpenko (UK, Praha), Stanislav Komárek (UK, Praha), Ladislav Kvasz (UK, Praha), Christoph Meinel (Regensburg, BRD), Milada Sekyrková (UK, Praha), Jan Surman (Uni- -Erfurt, BRD), Petr Svobodný (UK, Praha), Michal Šimůnek (AV ČR, Praha), Martin Šolc (UK, Praha), Zdeněk Tempír (Praha)

The editors’ address, contact


sdvt.cz (alias dvt.hyperlink.cz)

Subscription Abroad

Please send all foreign orders to: MYRIS TRADE Ltd., P. O. Box 2, V Štíhlách 1311/3, 142 00 Prague 4, Czech Republic, e-mail: myris@myris.cz

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